6e5p tube data sheet

Title: 6E5 Author: RCA Subject: FP-1999-10-10 Created Date: 10/10/1999 4:20:12 PM Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6BE7 Philips e 6BE7.pdf (372946 bytes) 6BE8 Sylvania tp 6BE8.pdf (157308 bytes) 6BE8 Sylvania tp 6BE8.pdf (740343 bytes) 6BE8A Sylvania tp 6BE8A.pdf (36228 bytes) 6BF11 RCA (HB3) pP 6BF11.pdf (406799 bytes) 6BF11 Tube 6C5 or Röhre 6C5 ID593, Triode, vacuum, Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Audio Frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves. Created Date: 9/6/2001 3:24:10 PM So mail me if you need a data sheet. Thanks to Max, the chance I have it, has increased considerably. 2002-02-17 This website is 3 years old with over 5000 tube types in almost 4000 data-sheets. 2002-04-20 The layout has been changed a bit so that each data sheet index table has a maximum of 250 datasheets.