Solaris 10 default project cheat sheet

Oct 01, 2005 · To do this, select the user and double click on it. You will get a user property sheet in order to manage the properties of a particular user. Here select the rights that you want to provide to the user from the list and click on Add button. Next time we’ll explore the storage management features of Solaris 10. Sanjay Majumder Une petite cheat sheet afin de pouvoir modifier les ressources sous Solaris 10 Voir les ressources d’une zone/projet. prctl -i "zone"/"projet" "zone name"/"project name" Exemple: # prctl -i project default # prctl -i zone global. Modifier une valeur d’une ressources Jun 08, 2012 · solaris 11 comstar ... Configure default route: # route –p add default ... ← solaris 11 cheat sheet advanced administration.