Atmega2560 datasheet 1n4001

0-552726-3.pdf 015060060.pdf 016m001l.pdf 0271113mcf-100.pdf 04fn-fp.pdf 0920at50a080.pdf 1.5ke-st.pdf 1.5ke.pdf 1.5smc30at3.pdf 10018784-10200t.pdf 1001xxrt.pdf 1001xxst.pdf 10053867-e0502.pdf 100plus.pdf 101w.pdf 1108x.pdf 1108xx.pdf 111404st-rh.pdf 111404st.pdf 1120xxrt.pdf 1120xxst.pdf 1121t.pdf 1121xx.pdf 1124t.pdf 1124xx.pdf 1125xxrt-k ... The input rectifier, D1, is specified in the original schematic as a 1N4004, which is a generic manufacturer’s part number for a 1.0A (maximum) rectifier diode. The 1N4004 is only one in a whole family of similar diodes, numbered from 1N4001 to 1N4007. 2549Q–AVR–02/2014 Features • High Performance, Low Power Atmel® AVR® 8-Bit Microcontroller † Advanced RISC Architecture – 135 Powerful Instructions – Most Single Clock Cycle Execution Using Arduino Mega ATmega2560 ADC Dec 12, 2010, 03:55 pm Dear all, I am currently doing a project (degree level) and as a microcontroller I am using the Arduino Mega ATmega2560 since I have to connect relays, keypad, lcd and input signals to the micro.