B4030 datasheets

The LM4030 is an ultra-highprecision shunt voltage reference, having exceptionally high initial accuracy (0.05%) and temperature stability (10ppm/°C). The LM4030 is available with fixed voltage options of 2.5V and 4.096V. Despite the tiny SOT-23 package, the LM4030 exhibits excellent thermal hysteresis (75ppm) and long-term) (1) EASyCAP B4030: Broadcast TV Premium Broadcast Encoder/Decoder A one-box solution for delivering CAP-based audio and video alerts with extended capabilities for broadcast TV systems. PRODUCT DATASHEET AG-Hydrate (B4030) Product Classification: Product Class: Agricultural Hydrated Lime Chemical Properties: Component Typical Total Alkalinity (CCE/HCl) 120.50% pH (10% Aqueous Slurry) - Calcium as Ca 45.04% Calcium as CaO 63.3% Magnesium as Mg 0.51% Magnesium as MgO 0.85% Silicon as SiO 2 - Physical Properties: