Tokay care sheet

The red-eyed crocodile skink is known, as much for the orange color around its eyes, as for its similarity to an infant crocodile or alligator. If you are thinking about getting one, then don't miss this PetPonder article. It tells you all that you will need to know about red-eyed crocodile skink care. About these mini care sheets. The following mini care sheets are meant to provide only basic care information. In order to provide the most accurate and up to date data I searched for and cross referenced information about the following herps on the Internet, through herp magazines, and through specific herp care books. Jul 27, 2009 · Care. These are hardy little geckos that will thrive if given the proper care. Like most geckos, they require a temperature gradient, which allows them to choose a location with a temperature to their liking. I use an undertank heater, which creates a warm end of approximately 85º – 90ºF during the day. Learn about the subtleties of crested gecko care with this crested gecko care sheet. Read our in-depth reptile care guides online now at Pangea Reptile!