Brooklyn bridge massacre

Aug 15, 2011 · The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan with New York's most populous borough, Brooklyn. The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge started in 1869 and took 14 years to complete. The driving force behind the project, John Roebling, was a German immigrant who had worked for the Prussian government as a bridge and road builder. Murder on the Brooklyn Bridge On the morning of March 1, 1994, a Lebanese livery cab driver named Rashid Baz opened fire on a van full of Hasidic Jewish boys on the Brooklyn Bridge, killing one and wounding several others. By the next evening, the perpetrator was in police custody, having confessed to the killing. Mar 01, 2019 · On the 23rd of Adar, (March 1) 1994, a Muslim terrorist in a car opened fire on a van carrying more than a dozen Hasidic students as it began to cross the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, critically... Aug 19, 2019 · Events like the Chicago Fire (1871), the first run of the Kentucky Derby (1875) the Battle of Little Big Horn (1876), the Nez Perce War (1877), the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge (1883), the Wounded Knee Massacre (1890) and the Panic of 1893 define this era. This is a self-guided tour of a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and begins at City Hall Park, on the Manhattan side of the bridge and ends on the Brooklyn side of the Bridge. We also have an anytime GPS-enabled audio tour (in both English and Spanish versions) of the bridge, which starts from the Manhattan side and is more extensive than the written version below.