2sk1464 datasheets

2sk1464 ucc3911dp-1 rs1k jantxmqsmcglce14atr mc7818cd2t max6686aua75l her102g nttfs4824n ad9740aruzrl7 sf17 Drain Source. Gate ∗ Gate Protection Diode ∗A protection diode is included between the gate and the source terminals to protect the diode against static electricity when the product is in use. Use a protection circuit when the fixed voltages are exceeded. Offer 2SK1492-A RENESAS from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited.IC Chips Лист1 f-310l-3.0 с выводами f-310l-4.0 с выводами f-310l-5.0 с выводами f-310l-6.3 с выводами f-515c-1.0 керамика