Filing an eviction notice in north carolina

Debts and Credit - Bad Checks - North Carolina Related North Carolina Legal Forms Notice of Dishonored Check - Civil - 1st Notice... Notice of Disho(...) JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. An eviction notice, also called a notice to quit or notice to vacate, is used by landlords to put noncompliant tenants on notice that they must vacate the unit. Depending upon the situation, the tenant may be able to stay if they fix the issue. Download a North Carolina Notice To Quit For Nonpayment of Rent or Other Breach from Drafted by attorneys. Evictions in North Carolina: As in all states, North Carolina does not permit landlords to use "self-help" eviction. That is, a landlord cannot change the locks or otherwise impede the tenant's ability to enter the premises (except in order to maintain or repair the premises), even if the tenant fails to pay the rent.