Canadian french slang

Oct 18, 2017 · French Quebecois slang meaning “total idiot.” If you get called this, you’ve really irked somebody. Bender. A bad hockey player — one whose skates are so badly tied that his ankles bend. Bushed. A west coast description of someone who’s been in the bush too long and has become somewhat uncivilized. Chiseler. Quebecois Slang This is the North American version of French spoken in Canada . It is comes across as Franglais & borrows heavily from North American English . These are words from the real spoken French of Québec — some standard, some informal, others with a fascinating linguistic or cultural story behind them. The perfect complement to all French programs, French Fun is a must for anyone wishing to have a more intimate acquaintance with the French language of Québec and the people who speak it. In Quebec, the word chum can refer to a boyfriend or a male friend, which can potentially make things confusing. This word is also a clear example of the intermingling of French and English in common slang expressions, as words move between the two languages and take on modified meanings.