Kefka sprite sheet effects

Take all the small graphics tutorials you've seen around and combine them, and this is what you get. Covers the basic built-in commands (LINE, DRAW, PSET, etc.), how to draw graphics with DATA statements, GET and PUT, using multiple pages, masking, editing the palette, BSAVE / BLOAD, fast palette and reducing flicker. Water splash effect animation frame sprite sheet. Transparent drops of water for flash animation in games, videos and a cartoon.. Illustration about aqua, effects, wash - 119411303 Aug 29, 2017 · This is a post about how I wrote 8-bit panda, a simple classic-style platformer game for the TIC-80 fantasy console. If you are a fan of retro gaming and you enjoy programming, chances are you have… General Leo fights Kefka alone. This is not a true boss fight, as it ends in a cinematic scene and Kefka's sprite is unnamed. The background music is the standard enemy encounter music and not "The Decisive Battle", which is used for boss battles. This Kefka has 5,001 HP and uses powerful magic, including Firaga. Zip archive includes: Transparent PNG sequence (1000x1000 pixels) 4 colors (yellow, green, blue, black - no glow) 100 % VECTOR (EPS 10 ) It's fully scaleable, with unlimited resolution.