Define rectifier diode datasheet

A P-N junction diode allows electric current in only forward bias condition and blocks electric current in reverse bias condition. In simple words, a diode allows electric current in one direction. This unique property of the diode allows it to acts like a rectifier. Same catergory: 1N5616GP: Glass Passivated.Glass Passivated Medium-switching Junction Rectifier. ERC12: General Use Rectifier Diode.High surge current Compact size, light weight High reliability Color code : Green Abridged type name Voltage class Lot No. Applications Item Repetitive peak reverse voltage Average forward current Surge current Operating junction temperature Storage temperature ... S1WB(A)60 Specifications: Diode Type: BRIDGE RECTIFIER DIODE ; Diode Applications: Rectifier ; IF: 30000 mA ; Package: 1W, 4 PIN ; Pin Count: 4 ; Number of Diodes: 4 Bourns Rectifier Diode RoHS Information. Please answer as many questions as you can with 1 being unfavorable and 5 most favorable.