Metal sheet shrinker stretcher

Shrinker, stretcher, MODEL SR150, throat 150 mm. Heavy-duty workshop design. Option of manual control (quickly and accurately) - and foot control (both hands free, larger sheets). Update on my Machinist hammer. Someone was curious about how the head was pinned so here you go. I tried to draw a diagram. Manual Shrinker/Stretcher - JET MSS-1 The JET Shrinker Stretcher readily forms compound curves in sheet metal for car, motorcycle, and airplane body restoration. The quick and easy foot pedal operation frees the user’s hands to manipulate the panel for maximum control and accuracy. Features: Improved frame structure for years of use Shrinker & Stretcher Manual Machine. The metal shrinker stretcher is designed to handle most of our automotive metal-shaping jobs. It features powerful steel jaws that can curve or angle 16 gauge aluminum, 18 gauge mild steel, 20 gauge stainless steel. The hand operated press provides a 45 to 1 leverage ratio. The Shrinker and Stretcher are exceptional metal formers and are great for making smooth radius bends in sheet metal without cutting, heating or hammering the material. They can be mounted in a vise or bolted to a work bench.