1 foam beadboard sheets

Bead Board / V - Groove Panels. ALL PRICES ARE SHOWN IN US DOLLARS. MDF Standard Bead . Nantucket bead board - Primed 2" & 3" on Center Standard beadPLEASE NOTE: Due to the large size of foam once it is rolled up to be shipped, we HAVE to vacuum suck all foam rubber sheets down. The Foam will NOT be it's original size once you open your package....PLEASE allow 2-3 days for the foam to "recover" to it's full width.Beadboard paneling is a decorative wall covering featuring a tongue and groove pattern. This textured pattern adds visual interest but complicates the process of painting the paneling. A paint roller only applies paint to the surface of the beadboard, leaving the grooves unpainted, which results in a streaked effect.An average 5 1/2-inch foam core stress skin panel filled with beadboard cost [1980's prices] from $1.75 to $2.20 per square foot, said Winter, compared with $2.20 for a 3 1/2-inch urethane stress skin foam core panel with comparable R-value.