Lock cells in formula in excel 2007

Hiding Formulas. In addition to protecting a worksheet, you can hide the formulas on the sheet. Normally, Excel will display a cell's formula in the formula bar when the cell is selected, even if the cell is protected. To hide the formula of a cell, click Format in the Cells panel of the Home tab of the ribbon and check the Format Cells option. When you create a formula in Excel that refers to other cells in the worksheet, Excel will store the information about those cells as relative references.Relative references and their counterpart, absolute references, are one of the things that make spreadsheets such a powerful tool. Cell References. When creating formulas with cell references, we can simply but a $ symbol in front of the column letter or row number to lock or anchor the cell reference. When the formula is copied or dragged across rows/column, the cell reference will not change. How to lock certain cells in Excel. At First, we will need to select the cells we want to lock. After selecting the cells press on the right click button of the mouse. Press on the Format cells option. After the Format cells window open, press on the Protection option and click on the Locked option. Jun 28, 2018 · Select the cells with the formulas you want to lock. To select non-adjacent cells or ranges, select the first cell/range, press and hold Ctrl, and select other cells/ranges. To select all cells with formulas on the sheet, do the following: Go to the Home tab > Editing group, click Find & Select button, and choose Go To Special. Absolute Cell References : Cell Reference « Formula « Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial. ... Cell Reference « Formula « Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial.